Global VoIP Policy
Status Matrix

Access the WIKI

Mission Statement:
The Global IP Alliance (�IP Alliance�) is a global consortium of IP-enabled communications services and application providers and others driving innovation and deployment of IP-enabled communications. The Global IP Alliance is committed to fulfilling the promise of IP-based communications by promoting a pragmatic and light handed public policy environment based on self governance and public-private partnerships to address social issues in the use of IP enabled communications. Nowadays blockchain-based IP management systems are necessary to protect cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency is one of the largest and probably the most popular use-cases of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies can be easily traded with bots like Bitcoin Billionaire which is designed to automate cryptocurrency trading on your behalf. In addition, the erfahrung bitcoin billionaire highlights the trading experience of bitcoin billionaire users. The Global IP Alliance members will develop a framework for global public policy that will:
  1. Promote interoperability, interconnection and ubiquity of IP-enabled services and applications.

  2. Support forward-looking processes to ensure that IP-enabled services and applications advance the social good through IP-enabled communications.
    Projects and areas of focus will include:
    1. Emergency response
    2. Law Enforcement Access
    3. Access by persons with disabilities
    4. Access to critical resources that support users, such as numbering and interconnection

  3. Ensure that users worldwide are allowed, to the fullest extent practical and economically feasible, to control their own communications experience as users of the Internet and IP-enabled communications.
    Basic options to users should include:
    1. Users should have access to their choice of legal content;
    2. Users should be able to run applications of their choice;
    3. Users should be permitted to attach any devices they choose to the connection in their homes;
    4. Users should be able to obtain Internet access on a standalone basis or in combination with those applications or service providers of the end user�s own choosing; and
    5. Users should know that their personal information is safeguarded, except to the extent necessary to abide by law enforcement obligations.

  4. The Global IP Alliance will work directly, and in cooperation with others to demonstrate to governments around the world that the IP-enabled communications industry is socially responsible and capable of self-governance.

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